December 2, 2012

The Name of God in the Divine Services: The Akathist Hymn to our Sweetest Lord Jesus Christ

Oikos 1

Creator of Angles and Lord of Hosts, as of old Thou didst open the ear and tongue of him that was deaf and dumb, so now open my perplexed mind and tongue to praise Thy most holy Name, that I may cry to Thee...
Kontakion 9

All the orders of Angels in Heaven unceasingly glorify Thy most holy Name, O Jesus, crying: Holy, Holy, Holy! But we sinners on earth, with our tongues of clay, chant: Alleluia. 
Kontakion 10
Wishing to save the world, O Dayspring of the Orient, Thou didst come to the dark Occident of our nature and didst humble Thyself even unto death. Therefore, Thy Name is exalted above every name, and from all created beings of Heaven and earth, Thou hear: Alleluia