February 6, 2013

The Name of God in the Lives of Saints: St. Andrew the Fool for Christ's sake

O Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Life-giving, Indivisible Trinity... for the sake of Thy Name we bend the knee of our soul, body, heart and spirit, asking, begging and beseeching Thee: O God, God, terrible Name of Sabaoth, Good, Holy, Lord, Creator, Maker, Almighty, incline Thy Ear and receive kindly our humble peoples’ supplication and prayer, count us worthy of being purified by Thy Might and by Thy Name, compassionate and merciful Lord, slow to anger and rich in mercy. Come, Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Come, terrible Lightning of the Godhead, Come, terrible Might! Come, O Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, bless and sanctify us, mingle us (with Divinity) and fill us with the Holy Spirit, forgiving our transgressions, whether we have committed them in word or deed or thought!

Prayer of St. Andrew the Fool for Christ's sake